. Helmhaus Zürich 14.7.2017 Stipendienausstellung

. Kunstpavillon Innsbruck 19.5.2017 sound performance in collaboration with Fred Hystère

. Performatik Festival / q-02 Brussels 30.3.2017 I am the Wall, sound performance

. Theater Gessnerallee Zürich 6.12.2016 talk with Mirjam Walther Kohn on working conditions in the field of performance and performing arts

. The Side Room Amsterdam 31.10.2016 coupé recalé, sound essay, performed in collaboration with Fred Hystère

. Museo Vela Ligornetto 2.10.2016 climbing monuments, performed by Flora Vannini

. OOR Zurich 25.7.2016 touching tones, sound performance in collaboration with Fred Hystère

. Q-O2 Brussels 5.6.2016 Sounds like Metal, sound performance



. Transmission Gallery Glasgow 28-31.7.2017 contribution in collaboration with Katherine MacBride, Fred Hystère, Anneke Kampman

. Scriptings Room Berlin 10.12.2016 undocumented language, exhibition contribution

. Oude Kerk Amsterdam 10.12.2016 no mercy no more, audio/text contribution

. OOR Zurich 22.-24.7.2016 Speaks with Silence, three days gathering on silence and silencing at OOR Zurich



new publication contributions:

Tags, in: Toilet-zine, ed. AKW & Hermes, Zurich (coming soon)

Are you an underground a ship's deck or a terrace? in: The Air will not Deny You, Diaphenes Verlag Berlin 2016

Performing on Air, in: Kunstbulletin 11/2016

Response to Marina Vishmidt, in: Side Room Pamphlets, Amsterdam Novembre 2016

Metall verzinkt, in: Master Degree Show Publication 2016, ed. Master Fine Arts ZHdK Zurich







recent performances:

I am the Wall, 2017

text and sound based performance on colonial legacies in speech

Climbing Monuments, 2016

text based performance on whiteness and its legacies in border policies and racial profiling

Coupé Recalé, 2016

sound essay in collaboration with Fred Hystère

Sounds like Metal, 2016

text based sound performance on voice break and warfare, on positioning in space

È lei qui sottolinea / Binary Codes as NO, 2016

text based performance on differential feminism and differences, in response to Sally Schoenfeldts research on Ketty la Rocca

Touching Tones, 2015/2016

sound lecture, in collaboration with Fred Hystère

Are you an underground? A ship's deck or a terrace. 2015

performance on colonial gazes, transportation policies and the re-writing of biografies

Si tu vivais ici, tu serais déjà chez toi, 2015

performance on private and/as political spaces, migration and translation in and around Escher-Wyss Zurich



Climbing Monuments

in: La Classe Sterile

extended performance script, based on

a site specific performance

at Museo Vela Ligornetto 2016

extended performance script (German)

extended performance script (Italian)


Performing on Air

in: Kunstbulletin 11/2016

dialogic criticism


Metall verzinkt

publication contribution on insides and outsides,

restaurations in Zurich-West

e-publication, coming soon


Are you an underground? a ship's deck or a terrace.

in: the air will not deny you, diaphenes 2016

extended performance script, based on

a site specific performance

for Kunstmuseum Lucerne /

Swiss Performance Award 2016

extended performance script (German)


Touching Tones with Tender buttons

in: French Kisses,

ed. by the Side Room Amsterdam 2016

based on a performance for district Berlin 2016

in collaboration with Fred Hystère

performance script (English)


All the Ways are Open

Review of the Weeks 

Sinop Biennale Turkey 2014 /

Corner College Zurich 2015

performed in Turkish by Aslő Ozan

performance script (English)


Points of Access Points of Entrance

On Backgrounds and Background Listening

Beton7 Athens 2014

wallpaper (English/Greek)


Amazones in Amazonia

souterrain Zurich 2014

performance script (German)


Rassismus beginnt hier

Glasmoog Cologne 2014

performance script / essay (German)


What she said before leaving society

Lost Property Amsterdam 2014

performance script / essay (English)


Could be: As Open as an Open School 

Museum Bärengasse Zurich 2014

poster (d)


Rerouted and Disordered

A narrative investigation

lulu/jstore Athens 2014 

publication contribution (e)


According to the movements of her eyes

OOR Zurich 2014

performance script (d)


In my confusion I look to older writings 

Rongwrong Amsterdam 2014

performative writing on USB (e)

for Rebecca Stephany


Echo and Empathy

Oslo10 Basel 2013

publication contribution (e)


I -a oe on gender neutral language

Les Complices* Zurich / edition fink Zurich 2011

performance script and publication contribution (d)


Leben? oder Theater? ?

lectures organized in

collaboration with Kerstin Schroedinger

Zurich University of the Arts 2014

response to Eva Meyer (G)


Conversation Pieces

for Radio Arthur Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Basel Zurich 2013

Radio Arthur


Talktalk: Original Voices speaking

in the Words of Others

Kunstraum Klingental 2011

performance - script (d/e)

performed by the artists of the exhibition


Der Effekt des Sonnenscheins

vom Mond aus gesehen

Buenos Aires/Brüssel/Berlin 2009-2013

artist novel and performance script

artist novels website




Notes for the Interpreter

edition fink Zurich 2013

FAK Karlsruhe 2015

text-notation (d) and poster (f)


Freier Raum! Freier Raum?

Kunsthof Zürich 2013

flugblatt (d)


Ein türkischrotes Tuch mit fernöstlichem Muster

Kunsthof Zürich 2013

performance script (d)


A Play for Recorded Voices

(Monographic Publication)

edition fink Zurich 2013

publication excerpt (d)


A Play for Recorded Voices

(Solo Exhibition)

Les Complices* Zurich 2012

Les Complices* Website


Ungehaltene Interviews

Kunstmuseum Bern 2009 /

Radio Arthur Basel Zurich 2009 /

BR2 Hörspiel und Medienkunst Munich 2009

talk with Lucie Kolb on Radio Arthur

audio-piece (d) on Radio Arthur


Withwith: Book and Tour

organized in collaboration with Lucie Kolb 2012/2013

Les Complices* Zurich, Curtat Tunnel Lausanne,

FALKO Basel, Scriptings Room Berlin,

sic! Luzern, X Marks London

This Book is a Classroom

edited in collaboration with Lucie Kolb,

passenger books, HIT 2012



Hotel Paradisa

Frauen stimmen im Archiv

Radio-Archiv Zurich 2013

staged radio play / documentary (Swissgerman)

with Margharita Meier

performance transscript (English)



A Fabric in Turkey Red

YPA Istanbul 2013

performance script (e)


Voiceover from A to Z

in: "detour" ed. by Mussmann/MeierFranz

Vienna Zurich 2013

publication contribution and insert (e)

in response to Riikka Tauriainen


Jealousy Daily (for AKW) 

Les Complices* Zurich 2012

WUK Vienna 2014 

essay (d)


Who and How is the Invisible

Echo and Empathy im Gespräch

Rooftop Readings, Kaskadenkondensator

Basel 2013

performance script (d)


Walk along an Imaginary Line

Kunsthaus Baselland Muttenz 2012

performance script (d/f/e)


Walk along an Imaginary Line 

FABRIKculture Hégenheim 2012

audio piece for a walk (d/f/e)





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